Co-operation between TYUT and INAR in snow and ice research


In order to carry out sustainable collaborations between the Taiyuan University of Technology (TYUT) and the Institute for Atmosphericand Earth System Research (INAR) of University of Helsinki (UH) and strengthen the cooperation on snow and ice research in the high altitudes and polar regions, College of Physics and Optoelectronics Engineering, TYUT and INAR, University of Helsinki agreed to initiate collaboration on: Sustainable in-situ observation to the environment of ice and snow in the cold area; Development and calibration of the special ice and snow environment monitoring system; The establishment and analysis of model for the evolution process of sea or lake ice cover; Both parties are aiming at establishing regular communications on the development of the scientific research; and Bilateral research workshops on snow and ice research will be organized in conjunction with International conferences and venues.

Duration of the project: 2018–2023

Project coordination & contact information

Dr. Xiao Deng (TYUT), and Prof. Petteri Uotila (INAR).

Project partners

College of Physics and Optoelectronics, Taiyuan University of Technology (TYUT), China
Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research, University of Helsinki (INAR/UH)