Project Partners & Teams

  • UH- INAR – University of Helsinki, Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research, Helsinki, Finland
  • OSENU – Odessa State Environmental University, Odessa, Ukraine
  • TSNUK – Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • YSU – Yerevan State University, Yerevan, Armenia
  • UCPH – University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • BioArt – BioArt Society, Helsinki, Finland

Expert Advisory Board (EAB)

Expert Advisory Board (EAB)  provides advices on the implementation of the project for the Steering Committee. The invited EAB members have also a role as ambassadors for the wide distribution of the VE concept in their networks.EAB members are invited 4 representatives of relevant bodies for the dissemination and have expertise and leadership in international education networks:

  • Dr. Yinka R. Adebayo, Director, WMO Education and Training Office &  Deputy Director, WMO Member Services and Development Department, Switzerland;
  • Dr. Wilfran Moufouma Okia, Chief, WMO Regional Climate Prediction Services Division, Geneva, Switzerland, 
  • Dr. Kirsi Latola, Research Coordinator, Thule Institute at University of Oulu and Vice-President, UArctic Network, Finland
  • Dr. Katja Lauri, Research Director, UH, Nordic Universities Teachers Network “Atmosphere-Biosphere Studies (ABS)” leader, Finland

Student Advisory Board (SAB)

Student Advisory Board (SAB) provides advice on the implementation of the project. The SAB consists of ten students on a 50-50% gender basis.

  • Nesrine Bouhlal, UH-INAR
  • Elmeri Putkinen, UH-INAR
  • Nataliia Chebotarova, OSENU
  • Mykyta Rozvod, OSENU
  • Anna Bohushenko, OSENU
  • Kateryna Saloid, TSNUK
  • Oleksii Kazakevych, TSNUK
  • Anna Harutyunyan, YSU
  • Gohar Margaryan, YSU
  • UCPH – TBC
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