Station for Measuring Ecosystem-Atmosphere Relations

The SMEAR I measuring station was set up in 1991 to measure the pollution fall-out
to Eastern Lapland from the mining industry in the Kola-peninsula in Russia. First
measurement concentrated on the SO2, but later other measurement were introduced.

During the ยด90s the measuring activity on the station has increased, together with the
SMEAR II station to cover photosynthesis, weather, gas and particle measurements in
addition to the air pollutants measurements.

Webcam (The Site from 15m Height)

Weather station
The weather station records wind speed, direction, temperature and humidity on five
levels up to 15m. Radiation (PAR, global, reflected and net radiation) is measured at
the top level.

Gas and particle measurement
Air for gas analysers is sampled on four different levels from 1 to 8 meters above the
ground. CO2, SO2, O3 and NOx consentrations are recorded, as well as submicron
particle number concentrations (with a CNC).

A picture of a photosynthetic measuring cuvette Up to four shoots in the stand
surrounding the measuring station are closed in transparent measuring cuvettes,
that are periodically closed and the air within is sampled to find out CO2 uptake of
the shoot and thus photosynthetic activity.

Irradiance measurements
Ambient irradiance conditions are measured from the top of the weather station
tower. In addition, PAR sensors are used at every photosynthesis measurement
cuvette to couple with information of the local light climate at the cuvette.

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