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Picture Event Material
 peex 3rd PEEX Science Conference & 7th PEEX Meeting & IIASA Workshop participant list, agenda, minutes, proceedings, conference book
 2ndcraicccrucial 2nd CRAICC – CRUCIAL WS,26 Jun – 1 Jul 2017 at Russian State Hydrometeorological University (RSHU, St. Petersburg, Russia) Workshop Summary
 ryhmakuva ARCTIC-FLUX WS 2017 Agenda, Participant list, presentations files are available at PEEX Intranet, folder "Arctic Flux - CRUCIAL WS 6-9 Feb 2017"
SOfia forum IMG 0605 landscape 1st Sofia Earth Forum, 20-22.June.2016, Helsinki, Finland Speakers, Agenda, Participant List, Photos
scienceconferencechina2016  2nd PEEX Science Conference & the 6th Meeting, 18-20.May.2016, Beijing, China Material: participant list, program book, minutes, photos, proceedings, EOBAR
 Group picture PEEX Conference 2015 m PEEX Conference 2015 & 5th Meeting, 10-13 February 2015, Helsinki, Finland
participant list, agenda, minutes, photos, proceedings, press releases Suomi, English, Russian, Chinese
 peex4 StPetersburg2014 4th PEEX Meeting, 4-6 March 2014, St. Petersburg, Russia
participant list, agenda, minutes
 DSCF4440c RYHMAKUVA m 3rd PEEX Meeting, 26-28 August 2013, Hyytiälä, Finland
participant list, agenda, minutes
 conference moscow 2nd PEEX Meeting, 12-14 February 2013, Moscow, Russia
participant list, agenda, MoU
 ryhmakuvail m 1st PEEX Meeting, 2-4 October 2012, Helsinki, Finland
participant list, agenda
 PEEX China Kick Off PEEX China Kick Off Meeting, 20-21 November 2013, Beijing, China
participant list, agenda, minutes
  CRAICC – PEEX Workshops 2014-2015 WS-1 Short-lived climate forcers in the Arctic and Eurasia (Univ.Helsinki Finland)
WS-2 Carbon exchange in the soil/cryosphere – vegetation - atmosphere continuum (Univ.Helsinki & FMI Finland)
WS-3 Climate change for Arctic seas and shipping, (DMI Denmark) Summary; Training
WS-4 Estimating and monitoring anthropogenic emission in the Arctic by using remote sensing, (Nansen Norway), Publication
WS-5 Climatology of the high-latitude planetary boundary layer (Nansen Norway)
WS-6 Turbulent exchange across strongly heterogeneous interface ( Univ.Helsinki & FMI Finland)
  International Conference & PEEX Sessions IGU 2015 – PEEX Session
EAC 2015 – PEEX Session
other presentations, posters, abstracts