The CLUVEX Trainings for Moderators in September 2024

The remaining two CLUVEX trainings for moderators will take place online (in zoom) in September 2024.

The TR#4 about the CLUVEX developed guidebooks (VE Guidebook, Climate Literacy Guidebook, Climate Messenger Code of Conduct) and other educational materials will take place online on 5 Sep 2024.

The TR#5 about the CLUVEX Group Exercise “Climate Utopia” (i.e., concept and user-friendly tools for climate relevant data visualisation and analysis) and Miro communication/ collaboration tool will take place on 12 Sep 2024.

Note, the registration for moderators in DigiCampus is open. The area for moderators will include all information relevant to 5 CLUVEX trainings for moderators (i.e., slides, video-recordings, materials, etc.).

Moreover, the Call-for-VEs for students is distributed among students of the CLUVEX project Partners/ Universities and other Universities in Armenia, Denmark, Finland and Ukraine. The 1st VE Week for students will take place online during 14-18 Oct 2024. If you are interested in further details of the CLUVEX project please contact the CLUVEX team members. If you are interested to participate the project, please leave your own contact information here and we will get back to you.

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