CLUVEX – Trainings for Moderators & 1st Call for Virtual Exchanges for Students

The Erasmus+ CLUVEX project (Jul 2023 – Jun 2026; continues steps for organization and carrying out the Virtual Exchanges (VE) or so-called the VE Weeks for students from the CLUVEX Partners’ Universities (Yerevan State University, Armenia; Odessa State Environmental University and Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine; University of Copenhagen, Denmark; and University of Helsinki, Finland). In total, staring October 2024 and until the end of the project, 5 VE Weeks will be organized and carried out online as educational and training events for students who will become the Climate Messengers.

During May 2024, three trainings (TR) for moderators took place online: TR1 – CLUVEX concept & technical skills on 8 May 2024 (58 participants); TR2 – Climate University MOOCs on 14 May 2024 (43 participants); and TR3 – Soft skills on 27 May 2024 (33 participants).
Two additional trainings for moderators – TR4 on CLUVEX guidebooks (such as the Virtual Exchange Guidebook – VEG, the Climate Literacy Guidebook – CLG, and the Climate Messenger Code of Conduct – CMC) and materials; and TR5 – CLUVEX Group Exercise “Climate Utopia” – will take place in Sep 2024.
The registration for moderators in DigiCampus (hosted by University of Helsinki) has been open. The area for moderators will include all information relevant to 5 trainings for moderators (i.e., slides, video-recordings, materials, etc.). The concept of the Group Exercise “Climate Utopia” for students is continued development, as well as video-recordings of lectures and applicable tools (for visualization and analysis) to be used in group exercise are in progress.

The 1st Call for Virtual Exchanges for Students has been announced, and information is distributed among students of the CLUVEX project Partners/ Universities and other Universities in Armenia, Denmark, Finland and Ukraine. The 1st VE Week for students will take place online during 14-18 Oct 2024. See more details at CLUVEX website (

Moreover, the CLUVEX project was presented at the European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly 2024 (; 14-19 Apr 2024, Vienna, Austria). The talk is entitled “CLUVEX – Climate University for Virtual Exchanges” ( was delivered at the session EOS2.1 “Open session on Teaching & Learning in Higher Education” (

Text by: Alexander Mahura, Hanna K. Lappalainen, University of Helsinki

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