The CLUVEX at Climate University Annual Meeting (Nov 2024)

The CLUVEX project will be presented at the Climate University (CU) Annual Meeting to be held during 5-7 November 2024 (Oulu, Finland). Agenda of the CU annual meeting will include sessions and presentations on introduction to climate project fair, pitch talks, posters, panel discussion “What’s up in climate education?”, CU Action group meetings, climate education theme and discussion about potential collaboration(s), small group discussions, collaborative working, CU course-specific meetings.

The CLUVEX presentation (as a poster) will summaries outcomes from 5 Trainings for Moderators carried out during May and September of 2024. These trainings are: TR1 – CLUVEX concept and technical skills (8 May 2024); TR2 – Climate University MOOCs (14 May 2024); TR3 – Soft skills (27 May 2024); TR4 on CLUVEX handbooks and materials (5 Sep 2024) , and TR5 – CLUVEX Group Exercise “Climate Utopia” (2nd week of September 2024).

Poster will also summaries outcomes of the 1st Virtual Exchange Week for Students (14-18 October 2024), and discuss in details on how moderators and students (after successful completion of the 1st VE Week) can attend/ take selected CU MOOCs, as bonuses of participation in CLUVEX. The Call-for-VEs for students is now distributed among students of the CLUVEX project Partners/ Universities and other Universities in Armenia, Denmark, Finland and Ukraine.

If you are interested in further details of the CLUVEX project please contact the CLUVEX team members.
If you are interested to participate the project, please leave your own contact information here and we will get back to you.

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