The SMEAR stations can be implemented in a flexible modular way so that the measurement block(s) can be selected and modified to respond to specific questions of the region. Depending on existing instrumentation of the station, one instrument block can be selected as a starting point for upgrading the station towards a SMEAR station. The SMEAR instrument block provides supporting data also for interpretation of the existing measurements. The investments needed to establish a flagship station are around 10–20 MEuro, annual service is ca 5% of the investments.

The planning of measuring systems of atmosphere, ecosystems and oceans is based on common stepwise approach:

  • analyzing the structure of the studied system
  • identifying the processes, energy and material fluxes
  • identifying the material and energy pools
  • determining the proper measuring frequency 
  • determining the needed measuring accuracy and precision
  • choosing instruments

Planning of the SMEAR station involves also training and education of the technical staff to ensure the professional and sustainable operation of the station.

Planning of station’s upgrading with SMEAR blocks starts by contacting the INAR Institute SMEAR Team or SMEAR Ltd.

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