Eddy Covariance Intensive Course

27-31.01.2020, University of Helsinki, Kumpula Campus, Helsinki, Finland

Local organizers:

Ivan Mammarella and Aki Vähä, University of Helsinki

The course cover all aspects concerning eddy covariance technique, e.g. sensors, methods, post-processing, gap-filling. Particular focus is given to flux measurements post-processing and quality control. The post-processing software EddyUH is used during the course.

The course will consist of lecture and practical work sessions, and it is intended to MSc/PhD students, who have a background in atmospheric or environmental sciences.

The course is worth of 5 credits of ECTS (European Credit Transfer System).


- Introduction to energy and gas exchange between biosphere and atmosphere

- Overview of the theory behind of eddy covariance (EC) method

- EC setup, sensors, methods, data post-processing and flux gap-filling

- Flux footprint

- Data documentation, harmonization and storage

- EddyUH and rawdata post-processing (practical work sessions)

The course has a practical aim, such that, after the course, the participants will be able to use the EddyUH software for calculating EC fluxes. During the practical sessions, rawdata set from our sites may be used, as well as the participants can bring rawdata from their own EC sites.

A presentation session will be organized. Each participant is invited to give a short talk on EC technique and fluxes. Results and/or planned research studies can be presented.

The course is graded on the scale pass/fail. In order to pass the course the student should participate lectures and practical sessions, as well as return a final essay.


The course is free of charge. Support for accomodation expenses are also available for participants coming from outside Helsinki area .

Preliminary list of lecturers:

Ivan Mammarella, Timo Vesala, Olli Peltola, Aki Vähä, Pasi Kolari and others.

For registering to the course, please fill and submit this registration form by 13.12.2019.