EddyUH software

EddyUH is a new software for post-processing eddy covariance data. The software is a MATLAB based program with a graphical user interface. EddyUH can process data obtained from various different sonic anemometer and gas analyser combinations and from various different measurement sites. The software can process CO2, H2O, temperature, O3, CH4, N2O and particle high frequency data.

The EddyUH: a new software tool for Eddy Covariance post-processing -poster gives an overview of EddyUH's features.

This Short Introduction Document has more detailed and practical information on how to get started with EddyUH. A complete EddyUH manual will be released soon.

An updated version is now avalaible. Download EddyUH_1.7. You will need to register and log in to download.