2st Workshop/Training course on

EddyUH: a software for eddy covariance flux calculation

21-25.1.2013, University of Helsinki, Kumpula Campus, Helsinki, Finland

Local organizers:

Ivan Mammarella and Jouni Heiskanen, University of Helsinki, Department of Physics

The workshop/training course was jointly organized by TTORCH (funded by ESF), NORDFROST and the two Nordic Centres of Excellence DEFROST and CRAICC (funded by NordForsk). The workshop/training course covered all aspects concerning eddy covariance technique, e.g. sensors, methods, post-processing, gap-filling. Particular focuses were given on water, methane and nitrous oxide flux measurements, as well as on the extension of EC technique to lake ecosystems and urban areas. The post-processing software EddyUH was used during the course.

The course consisted of lecture and practical work sessions ( Final Programme).


List of participants: Alba Agueda Costafreda (Institut Catalá de Ciéncies del Clima, Spain), Taina Ruuskanen (University of Helsinki, Finland), Milan Fischer (Mendel University, Czech Republic), Ville Kaasurinen (University of Helsinki, Finland), Radek Czerny (CzechGlobe - Global Change research Centre, Czech Republic), Ladislav Sigut (University of Ostrava, Czech Republic), Stephanie Keogh (National University of Ireland, Maynooth (NUIM), Ireland), Damyan Barantiev (National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria), Hermanni Aaltonen (University of Helsinki, Finland), Elham Baranizadeh (University of Eastern Finland, Finland), Aintti-Jussi Kieloaho (University of Helsinki, Finland), Janek Uin (University of Tartu, Estonia), Meelis Eller (University of Tartu, Estonia), Kaupo Komsaare (University of Tartu, Estonia), Eva-Stina Kerner (University of Tartu, Estonia), Sofia Meikuei Tu (University of Helsinki, Finland), Mathilde Jammet (University of Copenhagen, Denmark).

A presentation session was also organized, where participants presented their results and/or planned research studies, according to the submitted ABSTRACTS .

Course Feedback

Rate the items below using the following scale:

1-Strongly disagree, 2-Disagree, 3-Unsure, 4-Agree, 5-Strongly agree


Average Rate

The course broadened my understanding of concepts and principles in the field 4.5
The course improved my ability to carry out original research in the field 4.5
The course taught me techniques directly applicable to my career 4.4
The material presented in the course was relevant to my research 4.4


Average Rate

The lecturers' knowledge of the subjects was good. 4.9
The lecturers explained the material well. 4.6
The lecturers were prepared for the lectures. 4.8
The lectures were coordinated between lecturers. 4.7
Lectures incorporated recent developments in the field. 4.7
The range of lectures captured the overall essentials of the field. 4.5
The level of the lectures was appropriate. 4.2
Lecturers stimulated my intellectual curiosity. 4.4


Average Rate

The practical sessions were important for the learning process in the course 4.8
The use of EddyUH improved my understanding of the lectures. 4.5
The practical sessions were long enough. 4.2
The practical sessions were coordinated with the lectures. 4.5


Average Rate

Overall, the course met my expectations. 4.8
The course was well organized. 4.8
The balance between lectures and hands-on sessions was optimal. 4.5
The course addressed my research needs. 4.2