Project Description


Benchmarked courses category aims at harmonizing the PEEX platforms on observations, modelling and impact on society as well as approaches and procedures for multi-processes and –scales measurements- modelling- assessments on environment and population. While courses by the PEEX collaborating universities/ institutes are posted by the local organizers. All these are used as an effective channel to share expertise within the PEEX community.

August 2022 – Hyytiala Summer School – Formation and Growth of Atmospheric Aerosols
January 2022 – Online Winter School – Urban Climate and Air Quality
November-December 2021 – Online Yong Scientist School – Multi-Scales and -Processes Integrated Modelling, Observations and Assessment for Environmental Applications
October-November 2021 – Online Training – Digital Tools and Datasets for Climate Change Education
18-19 October 2021 – Hyytiälä Autumn School – Analysis of Atmosphere-Surface Interactions and Feedbacks
August 2020 (postponed 2021) – Hyytiälä Summer Course – Formation and Growth of Atmospheric Aerosols
Jul-Aug 2020 (postponed Jul-Aug 2021) – Young Scientist Summer School
May 2020 – Training school on Atmospheric observations of aerosols, clouds and trace gases
April 2020 (postponed Nov-Dec 2020) – PEEX-AC research training intensive course
March 2020 – Hyytiälä Winter School 2020 – Advanced Analysis of Atmosphere-Surface Interactions and Feedbacks
October 2019 – Hyytiälä Autumn School 2019 – Analysis of Atmosphere-Surface Interactions and Feedbacks
June 2019 – Research Training Course – Seamless / Online Integrated Meteorology-Chemistry-Aerosols Multi-Scale and –Processes Modelling
June 2019 – Summer School 2019 – First Steps in Biosphere-Atmosphere Modeling
Autumn School 2018
14th School on Atmospheric Aerosol Physics
Summer School 2018 ‘First steps in Biosphere-atmosphere modelling’.
June 2017 – Research Training Course – Online integrated meteorology-chemistry-aerosols modelling
Introduction to Modern Atmospheric Science: Look on Air Quality in China.
Hyytiälä Winter school, March 2017
Introduction to modern atmospheric science

Carbon Tree  

Carbon Tree animation is based on the measurements at the SMEAR II station. On below listed websites

you can monitor how the medium-sized pine in Southern Finland exchanges carbon dioxide in real time. Carbon Tree is a part of Climate Whirl umbrella, which aims to increase public awareness of the interaction between forests and climate and to provide a holistic and general understanding of the forefront of climate and ecosystem research. In addition, the Climate Whirl aims to break the boundaries between science, art and education.