UArctic Congress 2022

The UArctic Congress 2022 takes place in Moscow, Russian Federation in October, 4 – 7 2022, hosted by Lomonosov Moscow State University. The UArctic Congress 2022 is a part of Russian’s chairmanship of the Arctic Council (2021-2023) with the cross-cutting priority “Responsible Governance for Sustainable Arctic” promoting collective approaches to the sustainable development of the Arctic, environmentally, socially, and economically [Read more]


PEEX Special Session at EGU 2022: deadline for abstract submission is 12 January

Starting 2020, the PEEX special session on “Observation, Modelling and Assessment in the Arctic-Boreal Domain” is annually organized at the European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly. In 2022, the EGU (https://www.egu22.eu) to be held during 3-8 April in Vienna, Austria.

The session is linked to the Pan-Eurasian EXperiment (PEEX; http://www.atm.helsinki.fi/peex), a multi-disciplinary, [Read more]


1st ACTRIS Science Conference

The 1st ACTRIS Science Conference will take place virtually on May 11th-13th, 2022. Save the date!

The conference will be held in conjunction with the ACTRIS course on atmospheric observations and will be organised jointly by the Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR) at the University of Helsinki, Atmosphere and Climate Competence [Read more]


Atmosphere Climate Competence Center (ACCC) Impact Week 7-10.Dec.2021

PEEX as an impact week co-organizer

Thank you for your participation in the ACCC ImpactWeek 7-10.Dec.2021. We had altogether 1412 participants from 37 countries in Europe, Asia, and North America, who followed our on-line event.

Daily highlights of the ACCC Impact Week:

  • On Tuesday, 7th December 2021, Prof. Bert Holtslag received the first Sergej Zilitinkevich award [Read more]

MEGAPOLIS-2021 School in Memory of Prof. Sergej Zilitinkevich

The Young Scientist School (YSS) MEGAPOLIS-2021 (https://megapolis2021.ru) on “Multi-Scales and -Processes Integrated Modelling, Observations and Assessment for Environmental Applications” in Memory of Professor Sergej Zilitinkevich (1936-2021) took place online during 15 November – 3 December 2021. Sergej Zilitinkevich was one the key organizers of the School, promoting for research community, and especially, [Read more]


Professor Bert Holtslag – the 1st Sergej Zilitinkevich memorial award winner

The following organizations (in alphabetical order) Atmosphere and Climate Competence Center (ACCC), European Meteorological Society (EMS), Finnish Geophysical Society, Finnish Foundation for Aerosol Research, International Eurasian Academy of Sciences (IEAS), National network  Institute for Atmospheric and Earth system research (INAR / Finland) and World Meteorological Organization (WMO) have named Professor Bert Holtslag, the [Read more]


Initiating PEEX Research and Education Collaboration with the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

The PEEX research collaboration – University of Helsinki (UHEL), Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR) and the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), Center for Environmental Monitoring (CEM) – online meeting/ seminar took place on 10 November 2021. The researchers (16) attended the meeting and delivered a series of presentations [Read more]


14th WMO Symposium on Education and Training

The Symposium on Education and Training (SYMET) is organized by the WMO Education and Training Office once every four years to assist the international community in meeting current meteorological and hydrological education and training challenges and those that are foreseen to arise over the next five to ten years. 

This year, the theme [Read more]


At Start of Journey – MEGAPOLIS-2021 Online Young Scientist School

On 15th November 2021, the online Young Scientist School (YSS) on “Multi–Scales and –Processes Integrated Modelling, Observations and Assessment for Environmental Applications” in the Memory of Sergej Zilitinkevich has been opened with a series of lectures. These included – the introduction into the PEEX programme and its research and educational activities, the Finnish [Read more]


13th International Conference on Air Quality – Science and Application

The Organizing Committee of the 13th International Conference on Air Quality – Science and Application (Thessaloniki, Greece, 27 June – 1 July 2022; http://www.airqualityconference.org) welcomes to submit abstracts to the conference including special sessions on:
* Air pollution and health
* Sensors, crowd sourcing and numerical simulations for urban air quality
* Air pollution in [Read more]


Global and regional modelling for the Arctic and Arctic seas – contribution of the Russian Sister Project to the Horizon-2020 CRiceS

The Institute of Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Geophysics (ICMMG, city of Novosibirsk, Russia), Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences (SB RAS) as the Partner of the Horizon-2020 CRiceS (https://www.crices-h2020.eu) project applied for national funding and obtained financial support (about 30M Rubles; for 2021-2023) from the Ministry of Science and Higher [Read more]

Online Young Scientist School MEGAPOLIS-2021

The online Young Scientist School (YSS) on “Multi–Scales and –Processes Integrated Modelling, Observations and Assessment for Environmental Applications” (15 November – 3 December 2021) will introduce young generation of researchers to special topics in atmospheric  and environmental sciences, Earth system modelling approaches and applications (see announcement).

During the school, participants will learn about [Read more]


ACCC Impact Week leaflet with Program outline

The second edition of ACCC Impact Week 7-10.Dec.2021 with Program outline is published.
ACCC Impact Week brings together ACCC research partners and stakeholders to discuss and co-design science-based solutions for safe climate and clean air, and to increase interaction and collaboration across the ACCC Impact program on national and international [Read more]


Newsletter September 2021

Our latest PEEX Arctic-Boreal Hub newsletter is out! In this issue, find news on recent Arctic research publications, educational platforms, coming events and research visits among the PEEX community. Read it here.


CALL FOR NOMINATIONS Sergej Zilitinkevich memorial award, open 1st – 31st Oct.2021.

Sergej Ziltinkevich was an extraordinarily creative scientist. His main research area was boundary layer dynamics and turbulence. He utilized his knowledge widely in different scientific disciplines. The following organizations have jointly decided to establish the Sergej Zilitinkevich memorial award: Read more on Prof. Sergej Ziltinkevich’s career

World Meteorological Organization (WMO)
European Meteorological Society (EMS)
International [Read more]


Regional Atmospheric Transport due to Accidental Wildfires in the Chernobyl Zone

The project “Integrated Modelling for Assessment of Potential Pollution Regional Atmospheric Transport as Result of Accidental Wildfires” (IMA-WFires) has started its computations at the CSC (https://www.csc.fi/en) actively using the super-computing infrastructure and resources. It is implemented within the frameworks of the HPC individual grant of the HPC-Europa3 Transnational Access Programme.

The project [Read more]


Open Professor or Assistant/Associate professor position in atmospheric sciences and applied mathematics

The Faculty of Science, University of Helsinki and LUT School of Engineering Science invite applications for the position of


The professorship in atmospheric sciences and applied mathematics is a joint position of the Institute for Atmospheric and Earth system Research (INAR), Faculty of Science, University [Read more]


Calotte Academy 2021

Calotte Academy 2021

New and Emerging Trends of Arctic Governance, Geopolitics, Geoeconomics & Science

in Enontekiö, Inari, Kautokeino, Kirkenes, Neiden and Rovaniemi

15–21 November 2021

In spite, or because, of turbulent times of a global crisis, the related decline of international contacts, and uncertainties (in over-ride) due to the COVID-19 Pandemic in-person meetings are warmly welcome. Following [Read more]


Prof. Kulmala has been appointed as Deputy Director of CBAS

Academician, Prof. Markku Kulmala has been nominated as a Deputy Director at the International Research Center of Big Data for Sustainable Development Goals (CBAS) and has been approved by the Steering Committee constituted of representatives from Chinese Academy of Sciences and relevant ministries mandated to promote science and development, acknowledging his extensive experience [Read more]


Big data and UN’s sustainable development goals

At present, better understanding of various interactions and feedbacks between Earth surface and atmosphere is required to improve climate related predictions and mitigation plans. Foremost, if the global CO2 emissions continue increasing at the current rate, we will have, within 40 years, atmospheric CO2 concentration over 500 ppm (www.esrl.noaa.gov/gmd/ccgg/trends/). This value can be [Read more]


Helsinki and Nanjing Universities collaboration

The collaboration between University of Helsinki (UH) and Nanjing University (NJU) has already been well established for a quite a long time. In 2009 Professors Markku Kulmala and Pertti Hari visited Nanjing University and agreed to help in building a SMEAR-type comprehensive research station. The first measurements of aerosols and meteorological conditions were [Read more]


Join the Atmospheric and Climate Competence Center (ACCC) Impact Week

The registration opened for the Atmospheric and Climate Competence Center (ACCC) Impact Week. The PEEX is one of the co-organizers of this event. The ACCC Impact Week brings together ACCC research partners and stakeholders to discuss and co-design science-based solutions for safe climate and clean air, and to increase interaction and collaboration on [Read more]


Climate Services: Science and Education

International Research-to-Practice Conference “Climate Services: Science and Education” will take place on September 22-24, 2021 at Odessa State Environmental University, Odessa, Ukraine. ClimEd project and PEEX collaboration will be introduced and discussed during the sessions.

Please download the Programme (pdf)


Thessaloniki Sustainability Summit 2021

PEEX is participating in discussions onSustainable Development Goals at the Thessaloniki Sustainability Summit 2021 “Recording and Reporting the SDGs” on 15.Sep.2021


The 2021 “Thessaloniki Sustainability Summit” aims to bring together scientists, local authorities, politicians, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders to discuss the very significant issue of identifying, monitoring, recording, and [Read more]


Hyytiälä Autumn School 2021, October 18-29: Analysis of Atmosphere-Surface Interactions

Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research INAR, University of Helsinki, is organising Hyytiälä Autumn School 2021 – Analysis of Atmosphere-Surface Interactions and Feedbacks.
This 5 ECTS course is aimed at Master and Doctoral students in atmospheric, biospheric and Earth system sciences. It will be held at Hyytiälä forestry field station, Finland, on October 18–29 (taking [Read more]

Pan-Eurasian EXperiment – Finnish-Russian Earth System Research Network” receives funding

The Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland has granted funding for a project called “Pan-Eurasian EXperiment – Finnish-Russian Earth System Research Network” (PEEX-FRESReN)  via the Team Finland Knowledge Programme. The partners of a 2- year project (2021 – 2022) are: from Finland – INAR at the University of Helsinki, Tampere University of Technology, and [Read more]


PEEX at EGU2021

Special Session: Pan-Eurasian EXperiment (PEEX) – Observation, Modelling and Assessment in the Arctic-Boreal Domain
PEEX hosted a Special Session (ITS2.11/AS4.12) at the European Geoscience Union General Assembly 2021 (EGU2021) on 29.Apr.2021.
We welcomed speakers from the Pan-Eurasian region, including China, EU, Russia, and Ukraine.
[Read more]

PEEX online meeting on 28 April

PEEX HQ is organising online meeting on 28 April 2021 starting at 12:30 of Helsinki time. The main aims of this meeting are: to introduce some latest research results on PEEX domain and to discuss the future activities and the next PEEX Science conference.

Academician Markku Kulmala, Univ.Helsinki, INAR, will give the keynote talk.

Follow the Arctic Science SUmmit WEEK 2021 session on “Experiences in Sustaining collaborative Arctic Research teams” on 25 March 2021, starting at 12:35 pm GMT.
Come and seeposter on INAR e.g. PEEX Science Diplomacy show cases in the session.

With profound sadness we announce that our colleague Prof. Sergej Zilitinkevich passed away on February 15, 2021 after a short illness.
With his passing we have lost a leading scientist in atmospheric turbulence. He will always be remembered as an inspirational and enthusiastic scientist. He was scientifically active until very end, underlined by the fact that his most recent [Read more]


PEEX is co-organising the hackathon #HackTheArctic.
The hackathon event invites participants to use Arctic environmental datasets to design digital services for society or business. The 5 Challenge topics to address: Map the Arctic dataset coverage, design data-based solutions for policy-makers and/or citizens, explore Svalbard as a case study, and develop science visualiztion tools. Register by 12.March [Read more]


The Horizon 2020 iCUPE project aims to improve our understanding of pollution sources, environmental changes, and their impact on polar regions. Read more about iCUPE here. Dated 23.10.2020.


Our latest PEEX Arctic-Boreal Hub newsletter is out! In this issue, find news on recent Arctic research publications, educational platforms, and research visits among the PEEX community. Read it here.


Finnish Ecumenical Council in collaboration with the University of Helsinki, INAR, The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra (SITRA) and Cultural Centre Sofia organized Sofia Forum Suomi (Finland) – climate forum on 9.-10.Dec.2019. The Forum report was published on 21.9.2020 and contributes the IEAS Europe / PEEX science diplomacy activities. Read the report (only in Finnish). [Read more]


Academician Markku Kulmala was granted the Award of Recognition prize of 40,000 euros for his pioneering work, which has attracted international recognition and appreciation in the research field of atmospheric composition and climate change. Read more.


Academician Markku Kulmala – Opening talk for the PEEX Special Session at EGU2020 teleconference, 07.May 2020. Watch talk online.


Our PEEX Newsletter is out!
Read about the research, campaigns, publications and student trainings from our PEEX community.
We’ve also added a new section covering news from @uarctic and our partner programme @FutureEarth


Academician G. Matishov, Head of Earth Sciences Section of RAS, Director Inst.Marine Biology in Apatity Murmansk, Director of RAS Southern Center visited PEEX HQ Helsinki and discussed with Academician M. Kulmala on further collaboration in a frame of PEEX program. Dated 06.March.2020


PEEX has signed the new MoU with the Institute of Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Geophysics SB RAS. MoU is a bilateral document to encourage the development of PEEX program in Europe, Russia and China. Information about the MoU signed Institutes is available at the PEEX website. Dated 4.March.2019


SIT Study Abroad Group of PhD students on environmental science from various states of USA visited INAR (Uni Helsinki) to hear about the our work on aerosols, air quality and the PEEX initiative. Their visit to Helsinki also included talks at the Parliament, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Finnish Meteorological Institute. The talks and [Read more]


PEEX at EGU2020: PEEX meeting: SMP48 meeting will take place on Thursday, 7 May, 14:00-15:45 in room 0.16.
PEEX SESSION: ITS2.15/BG2.25 Pan-Eurasian EXperiment (PEEX) – Observation, Modelling and Assessment in the Arctic-Boreal Domain
Co-organized by AS4/CL2/CR7/GI6 Convener: Markku Kulmala | Co-conveners: Alexander Baklanov, Hanna Lappalainen, Sergej Zilitinkevich
Orals (I) Friday, 08 May 10:45–12:30, Room L7, (II) Friday, 08 [Read more]


Prof. Alexei Gvishiani, Geophysical Center of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) visited the SMEAR II station in Hyytiälä on 4.Feb. During his visit further collaboration between INAR, PEEX was discussed with M. Kulmala. dated 05.Feb.2020


PEEX HQ hosted the Arctic Urbanization Workshop on 14-15 January 2020. Read more. dated 16.Jan.2020


Markku Kul­mala re­ceiv­ing the In­ter­na­tional Sci­entific and Tech­no­lo­gical Co­oper­a­tion Award of the People’s Re­pub­lic of China. Read More. dated 13.Jan.2020


PEEX introduced in the IEAS WS in Balkan 23.6-2.7.2015. Visited universities: Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, Steta Univ. Tetova, Univ. Prishtina, University of Tirana, Polytechnic University of Tirana, Aristotle Univ. Thessaloniki. Eremchenko_et_al_2015


PEEX is introduced in the “Fellow bidders for Future Earth Secretariat” Meeting, 13.-15.Nov.2013 in Paris.


Merry Christmas Wishes, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. We will be back at the PEEX-HQ-Helsinki office starting from 7.Jan.2020. dated 20.Dec.2020


PEEX is one of the co-organizers of the 4th Digital Belt and Road (DBAR) conference taking place 17-19.Dec.2019. in Shenzhen, China. Learn more about the DBAR conference program here. dated 09. Dec.2019


Arctic Yearbook, Redefining Arctic Security, now available. Including 21 peer reviewed articles + 14 briefing notes and commentaries; Traditional security in the Arctic, Human security in the Arctic, Theorizing about security in the Arctic, Non-Arctic states and security in the Arctic. Open access at http://arcticyearbook.com, dated 18.Nov.2019.


Arctic Circle Prize 2019 was awarded to Hon. John Kerry, the former US Secretary of State. The Arctic Circle is the largest network of international dialogue and cooperation on the future of the Arctic initiated by Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, the former President of Iceland. Several presentations and sessions we organized by the U-Arctic Thematic [Read more]


Young scientists school «Chemistry of microparticles in the atmosphere, road dust, snow and surface waters and related health impacts» and Finnish-Russian WS on “Black carbon in the atmosphere and significance compared to dust sources” organized by MSU, IBA-FIN-BCDUST-project of the Finistry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, Russian Scientific Foundation and PEEX on 16-17.Sep.2019 in Moscow, [Read more]


US student group by Daniel Govoni from “Iceland and Greenland: Climate Change and the Arctic, SIT Study Abroad, School for International Training” visited INAR on 3rd Sep. The visit gathered together a group of master students from 12 US universities interested in Arctic policy making, Climate Change, Air Quality and PEEX & CRAICC programs. Read [Read more]


City of Moscow, Air Monitoring Sector Analyst of the Information and Analytical Department and Environment Centre of Helsinki City delegations visited the SMEAR-II station in Hyytiälä on Wednesday 26.June. We discussed, how to develop synergies between the urban SMEAR concept and city air quality monitoring. dated 26.June.2019.


Sergej Zilitinkevich has been named as the winner of the prestigious International Meteorological Organization (IMO) Prize for his outstanding contribution to meteorology and climatology and scientific research. Read more. dated 24.June.2019


PEEX has signed the new MoU with the Odessa State Environmental University and with the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. MoU is a bilateral document to encourage the development of PEEX program in Europe, Russia and China. Information about the MoU signed Institutes is available at the PEEX website. Dated 18.June.2019


Call-for-Contributions Northern Eurasia/ Arctic Ocean/China research results. We are collecting information on PEEX research to make an overview of the research results achieved during the last five years, in 2015-2019 , and analyze the main results and findings for the Northern Eurasia, Arctic Ocean and China, and how well we have covered the PEEX [Read more]


The IEAS-EUROPE Centre, hosted by INAR Univ.Helsinki, is in close collaboration with PEEX. The IEAS-Europe Center involves 69 actual members and goes on growing. Recently the IEAS-Europe Center has approved 5 new candidatures: Prof. Desheng Dash Wu at Stockholm Univ. / Univ. of Toronto, Prof. Jaana Bäck at INAR, Prof. Yong Xue at the Univ. [Read more]


IEAS has established the Eurasian Journal of Digital Earth, already registered with the Federal Service for Monitoring of Compliance with Cultural Heritage Protection Law. The certificate of registration: ПИ № ФС 77-75041, 2019, February 19. Read more on http://www.ejde.org/index.php/ejde


Note the PEEX region presentation by Professor Gerrit de Leeuw on “Atmospheric Composition over Northern EURASIA: Spatial Distribution and Anomalies in the Warm Summer of 2018” in the ESA Living planet Symposium MiCo – Milano Congressi, session “Tropospheric Composition and Air Quality” Tue, May 14, 2019. Amber 1+2 – Floor 2, 10:40 AM – [Read more]


Note the Pre-Announcement on the Multi–Scales and –Processes Integrated Modelling, Observations and Assessment for Environmental Applications
Young Scientist Summer School (YSSS), Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia, 27 July – 7 August 2020. This YSSS will introduce young generation of researchers to special topics in atmospheric and environmental sciences, Earth system modelling approaches and applications. For [Read more]


The University of Helsinki, the Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR), the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI), and the University of Tyumen (UTMN) are jointly organizing a research training course “Seamless / Online Integrated Meteorology-Chemistry-Aerosols Multi-Scale and –Processes Modelling” in June at premises of UTMN. More infromation here. Dated 24 April 2019


New Environmental Atlas-monograph “Selenga-Baikal” is a fundamental overview of the Russian Geographical Society Baikal expedition. The book provides an overview on environmental, geochemical and hydrological issues of Selenga river that is the main tributary of Lake Baikal. It describes the Selenga catchments, assessments and processes of aquatic landscapes as well as a novel study on [Read more]


Read our latest news and activity overviews from PEEX Artic-Boreal Hub Newsletter: PEEX 2018 overview, PEEX related project updates including a story about Inner-Mongolian lake experiment and much more. In our new PEEX blog, you can read each article online anytime, share it in Twitter or Facebook, or leave your comments! Contact us if you want to contribute [Read more]


Open position at ICOS: Officer for SEACRIFOG project. ICOS Head Office in Helsinki, Finland is seeking an Officer for the SEACRIFOG project which is supporting the EU-African cooperation on research infrastructures for foodsecurity & greenhouse gas observations. Read more about the position: icos-ri.eu/event/476. Dated 18 March 2019


ExtremeEarth (EE) partner meeting was held on 14.March.2019 at the Helmholtz offices in Brussels. EE now looking for funding opportunities of the new Mission concept in Horizon Europe and Digital Europe and new partnerships making impact. The grand approach of EE is coordinated by ECMWF. INAR /Univ.Helsinki is one of the core partners. Learn [Read more]


Call for papers: The Calotte Academy 2019 is to be organized in 2-9 June 2019 in the European Arctic — Finland, Norway and Russia. This year’s team is “Future Arctic Societies: Scenarios, Innovations, Best Practices, Drivers & Actors.”. This is call for papers for established researchers and early-career scientists (ECS), particularly PhD candidates and post-docs, with different academic backgrounds to participate and [Read more]


Course announcement: 15th School on Atmospheric Aerosol Physics, Measurement, and Sampling will take place in Hyytiälä Forestry Field Station in Juupajoki, Southern Finland, from May 17th to 24th, 2019. This summer school is mainly intended for doctoral students (5 etc), young scientist, and personnel from aerosol measuring stations and research institutes, involved in ACTRIS, CRAICC, GAW, [Read more]


Course announcement: Welcome to challenge yourself, apply your expertise in a new environment, and make friends across disciplines by participating the Climate of Change – Integrating art and science in the time of climate change course to be held 20–29th May 2019 in Hyytiälä forestry field station, Finland. The course is jointly organizes by University of Helsinki, [Read more]


The 3rd International summer school on Monitoring, modeling and managing urban soils and green infrastructure (3MUGIS-2019) on the topic ANTHROPOGENIC AND NATURAL SOIL LANDSCAPES IN EUROPEAN RUSSIA: FROM SEA TO SEA is held on 21 July – 11 August 2019. 3MUGIS-2019 will include a full week of intensive on-campus lectures and training by highly recognized experts in [Read more]


The EGU General Assembly 2019, taking place in Vienna (Austria) on 7–12 April 2019, will bring together geoscientists from all over the world to one meeting covering all disciplines of the Earth, planetary, and space sciences. PEEX is present in the special session on “Coupled modelling and data assimilation of dynamics and chemistry of the [Read more]


Our latest Newsletter is out! Catch up on PEEX involvement in greener cities, Digital Belt & Road Center of Excellence with China, summer soil field course in Russia, and more. Dated 20 Dec 2018


The Stations Measuring the Earth Surface – Atmosphere Relations (SMEAR) – Concept for green cities ” was introduced at a one-day conference on “Modern metropolis: the formation of a green economy” on 12.Dec.2018 in Moscow. The conference was aimed to find new effective solutions for the transition to a “green economy” improving well-being and [Read more]


In the beginning November, PEEX working group meeting was held in Helsinki, Finland. It was combined with three project workshops (iCUPETRAKT and GlobalSMEAR Climate-KIC) to gain synergies and to enhance collaboration. Agenda of the two-day meeting was to share the current status and future plans of the PEEX working groups (in-situ observations; Satellites; Modelling; [Read more]


International Eurasian Academy of Science (IEAS) is organizing, in collaboration with PEEX, 2nd Sofia Earth Forum on 31.10–1.11 in Helsinki, Finland. The Forum is concentrating on grand challenges, solutions and legitimacy. During the Forum, Professor David Gee from Upsala University, Sweden received the IEAS Academician Diplomacy. Agenda. Dated 31 Oct 2018


The 2nd Internal Workshop on Observations and Understanding of Changes in High Mountain and Cold Regions (HiMAC2018) was held  in late October 2018 at the Arctic Space Centre of the Finnish Meteorological Institute, located in Sodankylä, Finland. The workshop brought together scientists from fields of Earth Observations, Meteorology, Climatology, Ecology and Biogeochemistry to discuss various [Read more]


The lates PEEX Arctic–Boreal Hub Newsletter is out! If you didn’t receive it directly to your inbox, please subcribe here. You may also inform colleagues interested on climate change, air quality and environmental research on Northern Eurasia to join PEEX emailing list to receive, in addition to the 3-4 times a year published newsletter, PEEX related news and [Read more]


Academician Markku Kulmala has received Chinese Government Friendship Award 2018. The award was presented by Mr. Liu He, Vice Premier of the State Council of The People’s Republic of China. Read more here. dated 1.Oct.2018


PEEX participated the 3rd ICOS Science Conference on greenhouse gases and biogeochemical cycles held at Prague, Czech Republic, 11–13th September 2018. More than 300 participants from 30 different countries including several internationally renown scientists were gathered together for the three-day meeting. The PEEX program and GlobalSMEAR initiative were introduced at the poster session by Päivi Haapanala from [Read more]


iCupe stands for the Integrative and Comprehensive Understanding on Polar Environments. More about “iCUPE Datasets as Products for the Research, Decision-Making, Stakeholders and End-Users Communities” can be lean from the poster that will be presented at the UArctic congress 2018 “Sustainable development of the Arctic – boreal regions” PEEX session. PEEX supports iCUPE on its work on combining [Read more]


At the ongoingin UArctic Congress 2018 at Oulu Academician Markku Kulmala from INAR, University of Helsinki attended the Arctic Agenda 2030 Panel Discussion together with His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco. Kulmala higlighted the importance of PEEX program for the Arctic future and invited all to join PEEX and to be part of integrated Global Earth observatory, GlobalSMEAR. The PEEX [Read more]


The Institute of Atmospheric and Earth System Research INAR, University of Helsinki is seeking for a talented PhD  or Postdoctoral researcher in the area of Experimental Aerosol Science to work with field/laboratory experimental set-ups and instrumentations during measurement campaigns in Russia. Good command in Russian and English languages is required. Apply lates 20 September 2018. More [Read more]


‘Leadership for sustainable change’ is a new open online MOOC course about a sustainable world and how to get there. The course is a collaboration of two Finnish Universities, the University of Helsinki and the University of Tampere. Everyone is welcome to enrol and study, the course material will stay available online for free. Enrolment happens via the [Read more]


University of Helsinki, Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Reseach, INAR, is proud to announce the intensive course Analysis of atmosphere-surface interactions and feedbacks to be held in Hyytiälä, Finland on 8th–19th October, 2018. The course is based on intensive work in small groups, with MATLAB being the main tool for statistical analysis. This year’s main topic is [Read more]


The 2nd Internal Workshop on Observations and Understanding of Changes in High Mountain and Cold Regions (HiMAC2018) will be held on October 29–30, 2018 at Arctic Space Centre of the Finnish Meteorological Institute, located in Sodankylä, Finland. The workshop will bring together scientists from fields of Earth Observations, Meteorology, Climatology, Ecology and Biogeochemistry to discuss various [Read more]


The 3rd Conference of Digital Belt and Road (DBAR 2018) will be held 5–7 December 2018 at Tengchong, Yunnan, China. The conference will host several specialized sessions examining the applications of big Earth data for sustainable development in different fields, such as environmental change, disaster mitigation, water resources, agriculture food security, natural and cultural heritage, coast [Read more]


Scientific article about a puzzle of new particle formation (NPF) in polluted urban air just published in Science magazine. “Atmospheric new particle formation from sulfuric acid and amines in a Chinese megacity” by Yao et al., 2018 investigates NPF in urban Shanghai, China and describe the conditions that make this process possible. The findings will [Read more]


Academician Markku Kulmala, University of Helsinki, was interviewed by the China Daily (29.May) and he commented on President Xi Jinpings’s talk on science – technology interaction at the 19th Meeting of the Academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in Beijing, China. Kulmala is an Academician of the CAS and participated the meeting last week. President [Read more]


The new General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) come into effect 25 May 2018. To comply with GDPR consent requirements, we are updating peex-mailing list members. If you want to keep on receiving important updates regarding PEEX activity, we kindly ask you to indicate that you still want to receive our e-mails by updating your subscription as [Read more]


Register now for UArctic Congress 2018. The University of Oulu and the University of Helsinki are excited to invite you to the second UArctic Congress, September 3-7, 2018. Congress takes place in Oulu until the afternoon of Thursday, September 6, and then transfers to Helsinki for the Thursday evening reception and full science program on Friday, [Read more]


PEEX office has published together with one of its key collaborator universities in Russia, Tyumen State University, a paper on permaforst: Cryosphere: a kingdom of anomalies and diversity. The present paper by Melnikov et al., 2018 (Atmos. Phys. Chem., 18) attracts the attention to the crucial importance of cryospheric anomalies and topical problems related to ice, [Read more]


Abstract subbmission open for the “Cool forest at risk? The cirtical role of boreal and mountain ecosystems for people, bioeconomy, and climate” Conference on 17–20 September at Lazenburg, Vieanna. More information: websitefact sheetflyer, and Twitter: @ibfra18, #IBFRA18.

The organizers, IBFRA in collaboration with PEEX, IIASA, and IUFRO, invite organizations, institutions, government agencies, and private companies to consider sponsoring IBFRA18. dated [Read more]


International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) “Cryospheric Extremes” Worshop at Finnish Meteorological Institute on 25–27 April is addressing PEEX relevant topics. PEEX is introduced in the poster session on Wed 25.4. starting at 16.30, dated 24.April.2018


PEEX-related session at “Smart and Sustainable Cities (SSC-2018)” conference Russia Moscow 23-26 May 2018. SSC conference is a continuation of the series of international events focused on urbanization, its environmental consequences and possible solutions: Megacities 2050 conference (2016) and SUITMA 9 congress (2017). Extended deadline for abstract submission for oral presentations is 15 of Arpril 2018. The conference is [Read more]


IBFRA is pleased to announce, in collaboration with PEEX, IIASA, and supported by IUFRO that the IBFRA18/Cool forests Event will take place from 17–20 September at IIASA premises in Austria. You can find the first announcment here and for more information about the conference and the program please visit the IBFRA18 website: https://ibfra18.org/ and follow on Twitter: @ibfra18. dated 21.Mar.2018


Call for abstracts for the UArctic Congress 2018 is now extended until March 26, 2018. Note the PEEX Session under Environmental protection Theme:
1.4 Sustainable development of the Arctic–boreal regions. Looking forward your abstract submission! dated 19.Mar.2018


Call for presentations. Bringing together Selenga-Baikal Research conference in Nalaikh, Mongolia on 31.Aug–2.Sep.2018. Registration for the conference open until 15.Jun.2018. Read more. dated 15.Feb.2018


Prof. Nikolay Kasimov, the member of PEEX Steerng Committee from Lomonosov Moscow State University, was nominated as an Academician of the International Eurasian Academy of Sciences. dated 14.Feb.2018


PEEX is endorsing the iCUPE – EraPlanet project. The iCUPE (Integrative and Comprehensive Understanding on Polar Environments) planning meeting on Arctic aerosol, Hg, POPs data products was held in Oslo 9.Feb.2018.


Registration is open for the 11th International Conference on Air Quality – Science and Application. The PEEX related session “Atmospheric-Climate Interactions and Impacts” is a part of the Air Quality 2018 conference held in 12-16 March 2018, Barcelona, Spain. Welcome! Draft program and more details are available at http://www.airqualityconference.org. dated 9.Feb.2018


Are you interested to talk to 13-20 years old students around the world about your job (In Englis or nateive language)? EU funded project EduArctic gives great opportunities to reach hundreds of students and educate them first hand by scientists during webinars. There are involved around 900 teachers from schools in 47 countries. For more [Read more]


Summer school 2018 ‘First steps in Biosphere-Atmosphere Modelling’ orginized by the Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR)/University of Helsinki, Lund University, Aarhus University, and the Center for international Climate Research (CICERO). The course will be held at the field station SMEAR II, Hyytiälä, Finland on June 4–15, 2018. Apply by March 31, 2018! dated 5.Feb.2018


TRAKT-2018 project demonstrating a show case of Apatity-Kirovsk region (Murmansk Oblast) of Russia and  a customer-target climate services kick off held in St.Petersburg on 22-24.Jan. One year project funded by Nordic Council of Ministers. More information project PI Igor EzauNERSC. Linking to PEEX. More inforamtion available at project website. dated 26.Jan.2018


Save the Date! “Cool forests at risk? The Critical Role of Boreal and Mountain Ecosystems for People, Bioeconomy, and Climate” conference will be held in Laxenburg, Austria on 17–20 September 2018. The event will focus on both boreal and high altitude forests. The conference is organized by Internation Boreal Forest Research Association (IBFRA) in collaboration [Read more]


M. Kulmala wrote a Nature comment paper ”Build a global Earth observatory”. He calls for continuous, comprehensive monitoring of interactions between the planet’s surface and atmosphere. Read the article here. dated 04.Jan.2018


The Academy of Fin­land and Rus­sian Found­a­tion for Ba­sic Research have gran­ted fund­ing for five joint Finnish–Rus­sian pro­jects on Arc­tic research.
Read more here. Dated 22.Dec.2017


Dr. Anna Timofeeva,  `ROSHYDROMET “ Advanced Training  Institute, Director of WMO Regional Meteorological Training Center in the Russian Federation, visited PEEX-HQ. dated 15.Dec.2017


PEEX regional nodes, offices and working groups hands-on Workshop 13–14.Dec.2018 was held in Helsinki. The two-day WS  gathered altogether 40 participants from which 7 were from Russia and 28 from Finland. Aims of the hands-on WS were to introduce and discuss  the current PEEX activities and tools and to discuss the Working Group tasks & the [Read more]


IASC Advisory Group, the Int. Sci. Initiative in the Russian Arctic (ISIRA) WS took place on 7-8.Nov.2017 in Moscow. The WS gathered the national representatives of ISIRA to discuss the research priorities in the Russian Arctic. Read more.


PEEX education activities were discussed in the WMO Symposium on Education and Training (SYMET) on 30.Oct – 30.Nov.2017 in Barbados. Read more.


International Eurasian Academy of Sciences (IEAS) meeting was held on 22.Sep in Moscow. The future activities, such as organization of the 2nd Sofia Earth Forum in Helsinki in 2018, were discussed. dated 22.Sep.2017


The 3rd PEEX Science Conference & 7th Meeting was held in Moscow on 19-22.Sep.2017 at MSU. Best Poster Award was given to Yuro Shtabkin on Regional sources of near-surface ozone in the Northern Eurasia. Conference Proceeding 2017. Conference Program, Participants and memo. The 8th PEEX meeting including working groups will take place on [Read more]


PEEX – DBAR (Digital Belt & Road Initiative) collaboration agreement was signed by Academician M. Kulmala and Academician H.Guo on 20.Sep.2017 in Moscow in a connection of the PEEX Science Conference.


Prof. Alexander Baklanov (WMO-GAW) has been nominated as a PEEX Fellow in a connection of the 3rd PEEX Science Conference and the 7th PEEX meeting in Moscow, dated 19.Sep.2017


PEEX Science Plan is now available in Russian. The Russian translation has been made by AEROCOSMOS,
which is one of the main PEEX Partners in Russia. dated 16.Aug.2017


European GEO Workshop took place in Helsinki between 19-21 June 2017. As a part of WS program we had a panel discussion on “Coordinated, comprehensive in situ data component of atmospheric and ecosystem measurements for complementing the space borne Earth Observation”, which is a relevant topic to implement the PEEX Program research infrastructure [Read more]


PEEX introduced in the InterCarto Conference InterCarto / InterGIS-23, Geoinformation support of sustainable development of Asia-Pacific region territories in conditions of global climate change, June 26-28, 2017, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia


NordForsk CRAICC-CRUCIAL – research training week for students at RSHU, St.Petersburg on 26 Jun – 1 Jul 2017.
More information: please contact Alexander Mahura, event website, summary. dated 30.May.2017


PEEX was introduced to Enge Wang, Deputy President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and his delegation at FMI on 8.May. The CAS delegation visited FMI and The National Satellite Data Centre, located in Sodankylä as a part of their tour in Europe. dated 08.May.2017


Prof. Markku Kulmala has been awarded the honorary title of Academician of Science, the highest honour that can be bestowed on any individual scientist in Finland. President of the Republic of Finland Sauli Niinistö granted the titles at a presidential session on 10th March. More information, Interview dated 19.March 2017.


International Workshop on Observations and Understanding to the Changing of High Mountain and Cold Regions, March 3-4, 2017, Beijing, China, Conference venue: C608, Institute of remote sensing and digital earth Chinese academy of sciences, New Technology Campus, Tangjialin, Haidian District, Beijing, Contacts Info: QIU Yubao, qiuyb@radi.ac.cn, Co-organized by PEEX.More info here


ARCTIC FLUX & CRUCIAL Workshop organized on 6-9.February.2017, Hyytiälä, Finland. More info here


Introduction to Modern Atmospheric Science: Look on Air Quality in China. Univ. Helsinki Summer School course (5 ECTS) ” Introduction to Modern Atmospheric Science: Look on Air Quality in China”, 9-18.August 2017, registration is open.


China’s overseas remote sensing satellite station starts operation. Read more, dated 16.Dec.2017


Winter school 2017 on “Atmospheric Processes and Feedbacks and Atmosphere-Biosphere Interactions” to be held at the Hyytiälä Forestry Field Station in Southern Finland on March 6-17, 2017. Further information here; Online application form here, dated 29.Nov.2017


Prof. Markku Kulmala is The World Academy of Sciences fellow. The election of 40 new TWAS Fellows took place at the Academy’s 27th General Meeting in Kigali, Rwanda. Dated 18.Nov.2016


“Development of cost-efficient dew and fog collectors for water management in semiarid and arid regions of developing countries (DF-TRAP)” project, funded by Academy of Finland, seminar at Tieteiden Talo, Helsinki, Finland held on 14.Nov.2016. Project results and presentations available here. dated 15.Nov.2016.


Prof. M. Kulmala, Univ. Helsinki received award Doctor et professor honoris causa from the Tyumen State University, Russia on 1.Nov.2016. Read more (in Finnish),


CIMO invites applications (dl 19.Oct.2016) from Russian and Ukrainian postgraduate students for participation in the 21th Winter School on 6 – 11.March.2017 at Tvärminne zoological station of the Univ. Helsinki. Further information here.


Prof. Pavel Kabat, Director General, IIASA, joins the PEEX Preparatory Phase Committee, dated 22.Sep.2016


PEEX introduced in the International Conference InterCarto/InterGIS-22 on 12.-14.9.2015 in Protvino, Russia. The conference was organized by IEAS, IGU and Center of World Data System for Geography ICSU-WDS and hosted by the Technopark Protvino. Further information.


PEEX-HQ together with IEAS-Europe organized the 1st Sofia Earth Forum in Helsinki, Finland, on 20-22.June.2016. The Forum aims at joint understanding over different boundaries and at finding practical solutions on the Grand Challenges. Speakers, Agenda.


Prof. M. Kulmala (Univ.Helsinki) together with Academician H.Guo (RADI) were awarded with Cosmonautics Federation of Russia gold medal during the 2nd PEEX Science Conference in Beijing, China. The medals were delivered by Prof. V. Bondur. dated 20.May.2016


The first five PEEX Fellows have been nominated and announced in a connection of the 2nd PEEX Science Conference and 6th PEEX meeting in Beijing: Academicians S. Zilitinkevich, V Bondur, N. Kasimov, H. Guo, G. Fu. PEEX Fellows – short CVs, dated 18.05.2016.


PEEX introduced International Scientific Conference dedicated to 50th anniversary of IO RAS SPb Branch and 80th birthday of its founder S.S. Zilitinkevich, St. Petersburg, Russia, Apr 12- 14, 2016. Conference Agenda, Film material


the 2016 Summer School “Formation and growth of atmospheric aerosols”. Starting on Aug 15th and ends on Aug 26th, held at Hyytiälä Forestry Field Station in Finland. For further information contact Dr. Antti J Lauri antti.lauri@helsinki.fi, dated  14.04.2016


Prof. M. Kulmala  of the University of Helsinki receives award Doctor et professor honoris causa from the Tver State University, Russia. The award was personally presented to Prof. Kulmala by Andrey V. Belotserkovsky, rector of Tver State University, in Tver  Russia on Saturday, 13 February, 2016. Further Information


Prof. M. Kulmala is giving a PEEX – Global-SMEAR talk at the Annual meeting of Tyumen Academy of Sciences. Also the Governer of Tyumen is visited on Wed 10.Feb and further collaboration is discussed. dated 10.Feb.2016.


Five of Finnish Center of Excellence ATM researchers have been selected as Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researchers 2015: Markku Kulmala (Univ.Helsinki), Douglas Worsnop (visiting prof. Univ.Helsinki), Veli-Matti Kerminen (Univ.Helsinki), Tuukka Petäjä (Univ.Helsinki) and Ari Laaksonen (FMI). See here: http://highlycited.com/#Finland, dated 05.01.2016


Former Prime Minister Paavo Lipponen visited Univ.Helsinki Division of Atmospheric Sciences and PEEX-HQ on 18.Dec.2015. Topics such as climate change & Arctic activities, Global-SMEAR and PEEX program was discussed during the visit. dated 21.Dec.2015.


Prof. Markku Kulmala has been acknowledged by a membership of the CASAD, Chinese Academy of Sciences, (CAS), in the meeting held in Beijing, Nov. 2015 . CASAD acts as an advisory body for the Government of the Republic of China on scientific and technological issues. Press release (in Finnish). dated 16.Dec.2015.


PEEX as an integrated platform for science and observations within the Arctic and boreal regions was introduced at Think Corner public event “Arctic climate and climate change” on 1.Dec.2015 in Helsinki.


Prof. Mikhailov, Dr. Ryshkevich, and Dr. Vlasenko from St. Petersburg State University visited University of Helsinki (PEEX-HQ), FMI and Hyytiälä-SMEAR-II station on 1-3.Dec.2015.  Memorandum of Understanding was signed with PEEX HQ and plans for joint measuring campaign in 2016 were discussed.


WINTER SCHOOL – Participants from the PEEX community are welcome!
University of Helsinki, Division of Atmospheric Sciences announced the intensive course “Atmospheric Processes and Feedbacks and Atmosphere-Biosphere Interactions” to be held at the Hyytiälä Forestry Field Station on 7-18 March 2016. For details, see the course page. The course contributes to the PEEX knowledge transfer [Read more]


PEEX has been introduced by Prof. Zilitinkevich at the 12th meeting of the Valdai Club, in Sochi, Russia, on 19.Oct.2015. Valdai Club is a dialogue forum of policy makers founded by the Russian Federation Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Education and Science. Zilitinkevich Interview


SMEAR concept was introduced to Dr. Juliya Kurbatova (Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution, RAS) and to Dr. Aleksandr Sokolov (Russian Center for Arctic Exploration, RAS) during their visit to Hyytiälä in October (7-8.10; 14-15.10.2015). Next steps for further collaboration in a frame of PEEX in process.


PEEX collaborating the Northern Water Problems Institute KarRC RAS is organizing the 5th international Young Scientists Conference “Water Resources: Research and Management” on 5-8 September 2016 in Petrozavodsk, Russia. First circulate (pdf). 


The 2nd Pan-Eurasian Experiment (PEEX) Science Conference & the 6th PEEX Meeting in Beijing, China, 18-20 May 2016. Hosted by RADI. Venue: Beijing International Convention Center (BICC), Beijing, China. Themes. Conference website is open soon!


The 2nd Pan-Eurasian Experiment (PEEX) Science Conference & the 6th PEEX Meeting in Beijing, China, 18-20 May 2016. Hosted by RADI. Venue: Beijing International Convention Center (BICC), Beijing, China. Themes. Conference website is open soon!


PEEX in the European Aerosol Conference (EAC) , 07. Sep.2015. SPECIAL SESSION: Atmospheric Aerosol Characterization, Sources, Sinks and Climate Interactions at the Subarctic and Boreal Eurasian Region. Sub-session 14: The Pan Eurasian EXperiment research project, PEEX. Room: Aula U6-01F, at 14:00 – 16:00 PEEX Session Chairs: Kostas Eleftheriadis, Hanna Lappalainen.


The CRAICC- PEEX Workshops on “Estimating and monitoring anthropogenic emission in the Arctic by using remote sensing”; “Climatology of the high-latitude planetary boundary layer”; “Turbulent exchange across strongly heterogeneous interface” have been re-scheduled and will be organized in the 2nd PEEX Science Conference, 18th-20th.May.2016, Beijing, China. Further information soon available.


5th CRAICC – PEEX Workshop: Climatology of the high-latitude planetary boundary layer, 28 – 30 Sep 2015, Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Centre Bergen, Norway. DL for the abstract submission is Aug 31st 2015. The papers from the WS to be published in a special issue of Advances in Meteorology. All submissions and inquiries [Read more]


The Fedor P. Litke Gold Medal of the Russian Geographical Society is awarded to Prof. M. Kulmala for his works in meteorology and climatology on: formation of atmospheric aerosol, nucleation and clouds, atmosphere-Earth interaction, climate change, air pollution, Arctic boreal environment, and global challenges. Further Information dated 21.Aug.2015


Grand Challenges & Northern Societies initiative including PEEX has released a Sustainable Earth System Manifesto.The media event took place in 17.Aug.2015 at 8.00-10.00, place University of Helsinki, Runeberg-sali, adress Fabianinkatu 33. Panel discussion: Moderator Pekka Haavisto,Member of Finnish Parliament, Committee for Foreign Affairs, panel members Academy Prof. M. Kulmala, Prof. M. Kivinen, Prof. V-P. [Read more]


PEEX Special Issue has been opened in the Journal of Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics under the themes of climate change, air quality, biodiversity loss, chemicalication, food supply, fresh water and the use of natural resources through mining, industry, energy production and transport. Editors are V.-M. Kerminen, M. Heimann, D. Spracklen, T. Laurila, A. Ding, and [Read more]


5th CRAICC – PEEX Workshop: Climatology of the high-latitude planetary boundary layer, 28 – 30 Sep 2015, Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Centre Bergen, Norway. DL for the abstract submission is Aug 31st 2015. The papers from the WS to be published in a special issue of Advances in Meteorology. All submissions and inquiries [Read more]


PEEX introduced in ABCC Special Workshop “Earth Observation for Global Change” on 13 May 2015, in Berlin, Germany. ABCC is a special session of ISRSE36


The 2015 Alfred Wegener Medal & Honorary Membership awarded to Sergej Zilitinkevich for creating the fundamentals of the theory of stratified planetary boundary layers. More information here.


Physics Days 2015 – The 49th Annual Meeting of the Finnish Physical Society. PEEX introduced in the Poster Session, 19.March.2015.


Professor Markku Kulmala elected as President of the European Regional Science Centre of the International Eurasian Academy of Sciences. More information available in Finnishand in English. (24.Nov.2014)


PEEX was introduced (poster session) in 16th GEIA Conference Bridging Emissions Science and Policy 10-11 June 2014 National Center for Atmospheric Research Boulder, Colorado, USA. A summary of the GEIA conference to be published in the IGAC Newsletter will be available soon.


Prof. Markku Kulmala, Univ.Helsinki, has received honorary professorship from two different institutes in China: May 17th, 2014, Kulmala was appointed honorary professor of Fudan University by the University President Yang Yuliang. Kulmala received also honorary professorship from the Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, RADI, CAS on May 19th during the opening ceremony of [Read more]


FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT: The 5th PEEX Workshop and The 1st Open Pan-Eurasian Experiment (PEEX) Science Conference 2015 will take place from Tuesday 10 February to Friday 13 February 2015, in Helsinki, Finland.


PEEX Sessions in EGU: Orals: Monday, 28 Apr 13:30–15:00, Room B11. Posters: Display Time: Monday, 28 Apr, 08:00–19:30. Attendance Time: Monday, 28 Apr 17:30–19:00


Arctic Observing Summit takes place on 9 – 11 April 2014 in Kumpula campus, Helsinki, Finland. M. Kulmala will introduce PEEX in a panell discussion on Wed 9-April-2014 in the Session of “Science coordination towards an Arctic Observing System”. Street address Gustaf Hällströmin katu 2 B, Helsinki (Exactum).


PEEX introduced in Aerosol Conference in Tomsk, Russian on 26./29.Nov.2013


PEEX China Kick off meeting in Beijing. 20.11.2013